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Dubai Accessible Travel and Tourism International Summit

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Held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports
Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group

 People with disabilities are keen each passing day on travelling the world and exploring tourist destinations on their own, with their family members and friends in tow. Despite their numbers burgeoning and spending power witnessing an upward swing, the tourism industry is lagging far behind in tapping the vast potential ofoffering Accessible Holidays. Accessible Tourism and making the cities wheelchair accessible to make the long-desired Accessible Tourism a reality. The world is now metaphorically a global village with innovative mobility aids and technological advancements helping the people suffering disabilities and those confined to the wheelchairs, to explore historic as well as exotic and adventurous destinations. When it comes to spending, they shell out three times more money than the ‘normal’ tourists spends on Wheelchair Accessibledestinations. Acting as a link between the governments and tourism industry stakeholders, the DATIS offers multi-dimensional benefits to the organizations to strongly work with for bettering Holidays for People with Disabilities.  Making the life better for all the segments of society is an avowed agenda of every government, but the key decision-makers, policy and urban planners and tourism and travel officials, along with social influencers and crucial market players, need to be sensitized about the changing public perceptions and for working in tandem for a long-lasting impact. The Summit is a tailored opportunity to proceed with determination with the right strategies and initiatives for ensuring Accessibility-friendly holidays. That’s to gain a far better understanding about the market expectations and future growth potential.  Dubai, the fourth most-visited city in the world for the fifth year in a row as per the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index (GDCI), is the right place to host the knowledge-and-experience sharing platform for the world’s benefit as it remains on its way to become the world’s most-accessible city as it hosts the MENASA’s first-ever Expo, the world’s third biggest global gathering after the Olympics and FIFA Football World Cup, for six months from October 2020. 

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What is Dubai Accessible Travel and Tourism International Summit?

Within the framework of the UAE’s wise leadership’s vision to make the country and Dubai a preferred friendly destination for tourists and visitors with disabilities, Dubai is hosting the Dubai Accessible Travel and  Tourism International Summit.
A first-of-a-kind in the world in terms of the comprehensive range of topics to be discussed, the Summit aims to highlight the legislations, policies and requirements of tourists of determination, in addition to the challenges they face while travelling in relation to available infrastructures, transportation and communications means, education, medical tourism, banking services and qualified human resources capable of dealing with them, among other equally important related issues.
The Summit, which enjoys the participation of organisations, officials and international government officials and experts, aims also to strengthen the UAE’s efforts to make the country a preferred tourist destination for people with disabilities from all over the world, and for decision makers in the UAE to have the opportunity to be acquainted with best international practices in the field of tourism and services dedicated to people with disabilities. This will eventually serve the UAE national economy by attracting a new segment of tourists and visitors of more than 1 billion people, 50 million of whom live in the Middle East.
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Why Accessible Tourism?

Ghassan Suleiman Amhaz

Secretary General

The global tourism industry is working towards regaining the vitality it lost due to the coronavirus pandemic and is now moving forward with renewed enthusiasm and confidence in returning to its pre-pandemic performance and growth levels.

Towards its expansion goals, the industry needs to prioritise making more energised efforts towards making accessible tourism more comprehensive and a top priority growth area to not only return quickly to pre-pandemic levels but to lay solid foundations for sustainable tourism development that takes into account the rights and needs of tourists with Special Needs.

The Dubai Accessible Travel and Tourism International Summit (DATTIS), to be held for the third time in November 2022, to discuss opportunities available to enhance cooperation and identify the best global practices that cities can implement to improve services to more than one billion people with Special Needs and provide them with their rights of movement and live independently and enjoy their life from the moment they think about embarking on a holiday, to the moment they reach their intended destinations and returning from them.

What gives hope for a major transformation in the coming time in the Accessible Tourism domain is that the United Nations, Airports Council International (ACI), UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), IATA and other relevant organizations and government authorities have accomplished a tremendous work during the past two years by issuing guidelines, directives, policies and standards to promote accessibility in airports, aircraft, hotels, shopping malls and the rest of the tourist destinations.

The UAE has been relentlessly making unfaltering and exceptional efforts toward improving the quality of services provided to People with Disabilities (PwDs) in domains like tourism, healthcare and social services, to enable them to live a dignified and independent life and contribute towards shaping the future of the country over the ‘Next 50 Years’, which puts the UAE among the most-friendly countries in the world for People with Disabilities. The tourism industry needs more than ever to rely on innovation, smart solutions, applications and qualified human competencies, if it wants to continue to grow and double its size in the coming years.

The European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT) estimates the volume of missed opportunities for the global tourism industry at about 142 billion euros annually, in addition to millions of job opportunities, as a result of the reluctance of tens millions of people with disabilities to travel due to the lack of appropriate services and facilities for them that hinder their desire to enjoy a vacation free of inconveniences. If accessible tourism growth opportunities are tapped fully, it will have huge financial benefits for the industry and growth potential in the future with their spending huge money to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

DATTIS 2022 Highlights & Achievements

  • HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, inaugurating the event, confirmed the
    government’s commitment, vision and strategy for Accessible Tourism
  • There had been wide and exceptional publicity in print and electronic media in both Arabic and English, locally and internationally, highlighting Dubai’s commitment to Accessible Tourism that will contribute towards building image and credibility of Dubai and its initiatives and future plans
  • Through the keynote address delivered by His Excellency Issam Kazim, CEO, Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM), it was highlighted Dubai provides touristic experiences that take into account all needs of visitors
  • Dubai Tourism, Community Development Authority’s (CDA), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Dubai Municipality’s role and initiatives for bettering accessibility in the emirate were highlighted by their senior management representatives and experts
  • The Summit highlighted the high volume of missed opportunities on the economy side and global tourism businesses, amounting to 142 billion euros annually as millions of People of Determination gets reluctant to travel due to lack of appropriate services and facilities in several cities of the world
  • A qualitative addition made to the accessible tourism promotion
  • The Summit had been a qualitative and an excellent addition to the efforts of Dubai in highlighting the strengths of its tourism offering for people of all physical abilities
  • Enthusiastic response to Dubai’s efforts in accessible tourism domain and kit successfully convincing them the city is a far better place for tourists with disabilities than other established destinations
  • Provided multi-industry support to various organisations to work with Dubai Tourism to develop strategies and programmes for building awareness, and working for superior positioning to enhance its reputation and consolidate its market-leading position
  • International organisations including the UNWTO, WHO, ACI and IATA have commended the efforts of Dubai in promoting accessible tourism

Accessible Tourism in Dubai



Dubai to host second Accessible Tourism International Summit

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports
HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, HE Hessa Buhumaid and Directors General of Government Bodies during the summit

Accessible Tourism summit calls for global cooperation

Recommends 20 initiatives for a smooth travel for tourists of determination
Press Release Photo_Accessible tourism is a right of all People of Determination

Dubai takes the initiative again to bring Accessible Tourism back to the fore

Dubai Accessible Tourism International Summit (DATIS) to highlight the mobility and access needs of over one billion people
Dubai set to be friendliest

Dubai set to be friendliest place for ‘people of determination’

A series of initiatives help develop and empower those with special needs
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Why Accessible Tourism?

The global tourism industry is working towards regaining the vitality it lost due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Why you should not miss

  • Tourism dedicated towards People of Determination has remained largely untapped despite vast technological advancements and innovations in the way they can explore the world
  • Assuming 15% of the world’s total 1.2 billion tourists are faced with disabilities – it’s a huge potential market as they spend three times more than the average tourist
  • A platform with multi-dimensional benefits for your company/organisation to express/display strong association with People of Determination.
  • Be seen as a company/organisation that strongly supports the governmental efforts to make life better for every individual in our society
  • Be seen as a company/organisation seen that strongly supports the governmental efforts to make life better for this segment of our society
  • Meet government ministers, decision-makers, social influencers and other crucial market players for networking and professional benefits
  • The summit takes forward the mission of enabling People with Disabilities to enjoy the world of tourism, with the governments, tourism bodies, travel industry players, urban planners and others working in tandem
  • The summit is a step towards moving further in determining what the people with disabilities requires
  • Help the tourism industry to get the right strategies and programmes in place
  • It will be an ideal platform to know how technology and innovation are getting better to make life easy and more accessible
  • A timely platform to network and share strategies and experiences and understand the market needs and expectations