Eric Lipp

Founder and Executive Director
The Open Doors Organization

About me

Eric Lipp, Founder and Executive Director of the Open Doors Organization, started the organization after personally experiencing the restrictions that people with disabilities face in everyday life. This experience was the catalyst in encouraging Eric to found the Open Doors Organization (ODO). ODO works as Part 382 US Air Carrier Access Act experts across the globe, working with over 40 foreign carriers. Eric is also an expert in civil aviation laws in many parts of the world including Europe and South America.

ODO also recently started work training 10,000+ Amtrak Frontline employees on accessibility. He also recently received the Community Support Award from the US Dept. of Homeland Security, TSA. ODO also acts as the Centralized Dispatch for all 334 wheelchair Accessible Taxi’s in Chicago. Allowing people with disabilities to have “on-demand” transportation unlike anywhere on the globe.

Eric initiated the groundbreaking 2002, 2005 and 2015 ODO/Neilson-Harris studies on travelers with disabilities. He and ODO are the host of the Universal Access in Airports biennial event. He is a frequent speaker at national trade shows & international conferences as well as often quoted in national press and media. Eric and Open Doors Org are the leaders in accessibility at airports with ACI, A4A, IATA and AAAE.